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See Hans de Goede’s post on the linux-uvc-devel mailing list for more information. The goal of this project is to provide all necessary software components to fully support UVC compliant devices in Linux. Works for Karmic and Lucid as well. Documentation generated on October 06, at LinuxTV uvcvideo development repository. You can do this with: Open the the makefile in a text editor and change:

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See the FAQ for more information. They require a user-space management tool.

On Linux, the snd-usb-audio and uvcvideo modules conflict with libuvc. If you plan to buy this camera make sure it matches the product name. Instructions to build and install drivers from the linuxtv.

Linux UVC driver & tools

The repository archive can be downloaded here. Uvf UVC specification covers webcams, digital camcorders, analog video converters, analog and digital television tuners, and still-image cameras that support video streaming for both video input and output.

More information about the issue, including possible workarounds, are available on the QuickCam Team website. You can find out which version of Linux kernel you have by issuing the command: Documentation generated on July 21, at You may run the node as root: The goal of this project is to provide all necessary software components to fully support UVC compliant devices in Linux.

Source Package: uvccapture (0.5-3)

Features Current features include: Due to the limited available man power and the broad scope of the UVC specification, the Linux UVC project will concentrate the development efforts on video input devices, especially webcams.

To give only one user access: They talk a vendor-specific protocol with a vendor-provided Windows driver, and trying to handle them devian the UVC protocol results in low frame rate and corrupted frames in most resolutions.

The following rule works with any Logitech camera: This can sometime lead to the camera failing to be recognized by the kernel.

You will not need to download the driver sources manually unless you want to test a newer version or help with development.

For applications that don’t use libv4l, try holding your computer upside-down. This will only affect uncompressed formats, and even there there’s no guarantee of success.

Cam Video IM Pro model name.

To compile the drivers, run make then, to install the compiled drivers to the appropriate module directories, run sudo make install followed by sudo depmod -a After that you should not even need to plug your webcam in, although ensure you can see it by running: Older kernel versions implemented a different API that is now deprecated and scheduled for removal in 2.

See the Linux UVC wiki for a workaround.

Debian — Package Search Results — uvccapture

Only source code is available. You can do this with: Debuan you’re upgrading from a pre Little can be done to fix the problem.

Then build the UVC module as shown here: Documentation generated on June 16, at The best place to get the drivers instead: Support requests are handled through the Linux UVC development mailing list. Limitations Some controls are missing, though the most common ones focus, exposure and others are supported. SCBN usually works fine with cheese, vlc, skype and other applications, but google-chrome will have issues accesing it.